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Standard Schedule Options

  1. Entire MLB schedule
  2. Entire schedule for a particular team
  3. Entire home schedule for a particular team
  4. Entire visiting schedule for a particular team
  5. All games for team 1 vs team 2
  6. Home games only games for team 1 vs team 2
  7. Filter any of above options with start and end dates

Trip Scheduler

This is a tool that can be used to schedule a baseball trip. By selecting the teams to be seen and the number of days between each game, all games matching the parameters will be displayed. This has been available since 2009.
The original schedule for 2020 was the original schedule and not changed after MLB modified it to 60 games due to Covid-19. For the current year (2021) this site was not updated until 5 or six games were already played and the original times were lost so they were just filled in with a time that may be bogus. Also for these days the day of the week may not be correct.