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These games were written as an exercise in Javascript so if you are not Javascript enabled they will not work. There are two addition games that are meant to be somewhat educational.

Simple addition

The simple addition asks a question from the addition tables which cause to boxes to be populated with smiley faces. After requesting the answer the smilies will migrate to a third box and then display the answer.

Addition tables

The addition tables selects 20 questions at random from the addition tables and then will display text boxes immediately below where you supply the answer. After requesting "Check Answers" the form will be graded.

Match game

The match game hides the flags of 18 countries, each one occurs twice. When the icon is clicked the flag will be displayed. The object of the game is to click the two icons that hide the same flag. If this happens then the two flags remain in view while if they do not match they are hidden again.